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Your child must complete 2 years of Confirmation Education classes in order to be eligible to receive the Sacrament.

Student registration requirements

Must be in 6th - 12 grade



Please bring original baptismal copy when registering.

If your child has not been baptized yet, they must be baptized prior to the end of 1st year of Confirmation.

Received First Communion

Please bring original Communion copy when registering. If your child has not received First Communion, they will be required to do so after completing the first year of Confirmation.

$90 Registration Fee

Requirements For Confirmation

  • Students must be practicing their faith by regular attendance at Mass (Sundays and Holy Days of Obligations), and by receiving the Sacrament of Eucharist and Reconciliation regularly. Students will be dropped for excessive (3+) Masses missed.

  • Students will be dropped for frequent tardiness and/or excessive absences (3+) from class and/or scheduled events.

  • Students must actively participate in class and complete all homework by the given due date. Students must also attend a mandatory retreat.

  • It is the student's responsibility to talk to the Teacher after an absence about the missed topic. The student will be required to research the material covered and submit the required assignment(s).

  • Students must complete service hours and or/ service projects. Y1 Students must complete 5 hours prior to December 5th and another 5 hours prior to April 15th. All hours must be pre-approved by Fr. Oscar or a Religious Education teacher. Y2 Students must complete all service projects from the provided list and complete the required reports.

  • Students will be assessed on lessons, prayers, homework, tests, and participation. Students must have passing grades in order to either advance to Year 2 or receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is solely the student's responsibility to turn in all assignments.

Prayers to know

  • Our Father

  • Hail Mary

  • Glory Be

  • Act of Contrition

  • Nicene Creed

Parent or Guardian Responsibility

  • We are committed to providing your child with a quality Catholic religious education in both a fun and supportive environment.  Your active participation in your child's education is essential.  As parents and guardians, you are the first witness of God's love and grace for your child.  If you provide a model of Catholic faith (at home, at church, and in prayer) then your child will take to heart what we are trying to teach them. 

Registration for CCD begins

August 1st - 31st

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