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Your child must complete 2 years of Religious Education classes (CCD) in order to be eligible to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion.  

Registrations for CCD
Saturdays & Sundays Only in August
10am. - 2pm. | In the Parish Hall


Registration requirements

2nd - 5th grade

If you child is in six grade or older, they must sign up for Confirmation first.


Please bring original baptismal copy when registering.

If your child has not been baptized yet, they must be baptized prior to the end of the CCD year (May). Your child will not be allowed to register next year without a Baptismal Certificate on file at the Church Office.

Concepts students will learn

  • Know how many Persons are in the One God and be able to name them

  • Know the definition of Grace, why we need it, and how we get it

  • Know the basic story of Adam & Eve in order to understand Original Sin

  • Know what Baptism is and what it did for us

  • Know who Noah, Abraham and Moses are and their stories

  • Know who the Savior is and why we need Him

  • Know the difference between Heaven, Purgatory and Hell

  • Know who makes up the Holy Family

  • Know a few parables and a few miracles (The Mustard Seed, Calming the Storm, Loaves & Fishes, etc.)

  • Know what prayer is and how it helps us

  • Know the story of the Last Supper, The Passion, Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost

  • Know the meaning of the Eucharist

  • Know what Mass is, why we attend and who the participants are

  • Know the 10 Commandments and be able to name at least half of them

  • Know the 7 Sacraments and be able to name at least the first three

Prayers to know

  • Sign of the Cross

  • Glory Be

  • Our Father

  • Hail Mary

  • Holy Mary

  • Act of Contrition

  • The Creed

Attendance & Participation

  • You child must attend Mass at St. Mary of the Angels Church every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.  This is not only a requirement of CCD but also a Precept of the Church.

  • Your child must have Father or one of the approved CCD Teachers sign their Mass Attendance Sheet.  If your child is not going to Mass at St. Mary’s due to vacation or other obligation, then a bulletin must be signed by the priest of the Catholic Church they attend.  If your child does not have a valid signature, it will be assumed they did not attend Mass.  Teachers are not allowed to sign for any Mass other than the current one.  The Mass Attendance Sheet should be brought to class weekly for review by the teacher.

  • Your child must attend and participate in CCD class every week.  If your child is sick or unable to attend class, you must call the Church Office prior to CCD Class and leave a message for the teacher.

  • Excessive (more than 3) unexcused absences at either Mass or CCD Class will result in your child being removed from the CCD program this year.

  • Your child is expected to learn the above Concepts and Prayers.  As the Parent, you are expected to continue teaching the child at home and reinforce what is taught in CCD.  If your child does not pass the required Unit Tests, they will be asked to repeat the year of CCD.

Parent or Guardian Responsibility

  • We are committed to providing your child with a quality Catholic religious education in both a fun and supportive environment.  Your active participation in your child's education is essential.  As parents and guardians, you are the first witness of God's love and grace for your child.  If you provide a model of the Catholic faith (at home, at church, and in prayer) then your child will take to heart what we are trying to teach them. 

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