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In our church mission, we echo the words of Jesus, "I have come not to be served but to serve." We exist to be the sacrament of Christ's love, hope, unity and peace to the world through our ministry to the brokenhearted, the poor, the infirmed, and the lost. Our identity as a Catholic faith community is

Christo-centric, Ecclesial, Biblical, and Sacramental.


The parish of St. Mary of the Angels is blessed by a rich history, a widespread geographical area, and a great diversity of cultures, ages, and needs. We are committed in the spirit of hospitality, friendship, and His love to: worship together and celebrate God's presence among us, to grow together as a community of faith and service and to help one another in the process of growing spiritually.


St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School has a commitment to academic excellence rooted in our primary purpose of developing and proclaiming a personal relationship with God. This is fostered by our call to make St. Mary’s a community of faith built on a reverence for each person’s dignity, uniqueness, and self-worth.


Experience the beautiful gift that Jesus has for you. Fill out a parish registration form to better assist you with your needs.

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